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We believe everyone can find fulfilment and purpose in their work.


We elevatethe workplace conversation off floor plans, beyond desks and up into the hearts and minds of the people who are building business.


And it’s not just about the space.

To successfully transform any workplace environment from dysfunctional to dynamic, we know that it’s essential to engage people in the challenge.


That’s why our approach...


Statistics & stories

to engage heads & hearts

We balance data with

emotion. Real-world

learning and

scientific research.



to inform & involve

Participation at every 

stage - with different 

touchpoints for different 



Whole Environment

for deep impact

Consideration from all

perspectives: business,

people and space

Founded in 2011 by Kursty Groves; author, professor and innovation expert to address the rising demand for the creation of high-performing work environments.

Today Shape maintains client relationships through coaching and co-creating

supported by strategic design, property and HR partnerships.

Kursty Groves

Award-winning designer, author, speaker, professor & founder of Shape


Kursty’s passion lies in seeking to understand what makes work work, and how environments can inspire people to perform their best.   Kursty writes and researches about how physical environments can support and enable human productivity, collaboration and creativity.  Spaces for Innovation is her second book, following the highly acclaimed I Wish I Worked There!

Kursty founded Shape to help organisations to cultivate the right cultural and physical environments to support innovation. Clients include retail fashion brands, automotive manufacturers, and the UK government.


Appointed in 2013 as adjunct professor at the IE University in Madrid, she is running a postgraduate Masters class: New Trends in Spaces for Innovation.


I Wish I Worked There!

'I Wish I Worked There!' reveals the world's most inspiring and innovative places to work, investigating twenty famous brands that place innovation at the heart of their culture.


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Spaces For Innovation

'Spaces For Innovation' explains the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation.

Based on latest evidence,

this book identifies the physical characteristics of workspaces that are associated with high innovation potential and determine why

they have an effect. 

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