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We co-create the best places to work

In a world of low employee engagement, high competition for talent, and confusing technology choices, imagine a workplace that buzzes with energy, commitment and collective focus. 

We help forward-facing organisations to understand and implement the use of physical space as a strategic tool for business; so that together we can shape high-performing work environments that attract, engage and energise employees. 

reShape beyond COVID

Like many businesses, we've had to pivot - not only to survive through the CORONAVIRUS pandemic and physical lockdown - but also to provide people with what they need.

From the learnings generated through helping our clients review and plan towards

new ways of working and changes to their workplaces, we are now offering a strategy & coaching pack to help as many businesses as we can to prepare for a covid-secure new normal.

 and everything we've got to help navigate workplaces #beyondCOVID.

4 steps, 4 hours

Shape ways of working

Workplace design is a unique source of competitive advantage. We're on a mission to lift the conversation from floor plans and desk spaces into the hearts and minds of the people who work there. Let's elevate your business!


Kursty Groves


Shape founder, Kursty Groves, is a workplace strategist and advisor to FTSE 100 companies, high growth SMEs and Government Departments.

Author of two books and postgraduate professor

on the subject, she is an award winning designer

and innovator with over 20 years' experience

coaching senior execs through Design Sprints,

Design Thinking and innovation processes - helping them to solve problems and engage with others to inspire change and implement the right solutions.


Spaces For Innovation

'Spaces For Innovation' explains the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation.

I Wish I Worked There!

'I Wish I Worked There!' reveals the world's most inspiring and innovative places to work, investigating twenty famous brands that place innovation at the heart of their culture.



For more writing and other content about workplace, the future of work and spaces for innovation, see Shape Thinking.


Assess your workplace now

Discover your workplace performance score to see how your organisation

is doing and benchmark your strengths and opportunities.

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