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ways of working

We believe everyone can find fulfilment and purpose at work.


The most inspiring places to work are the ones that connect the values and goals of the organisation with those of its employees


When you design your workplace for

high-performance, not only do you make the space work better, you also enable your people and business to thrive.



It's not just

about space

To successfully transform any workplace environment from dysfunctional to dynamic, we know it's essential to engage people in the challenge. 


That's why we use co-creation in everything we do. Time and time again over the years, and without fail, we've seen stakeholders align around common differences and shared goals simply by being in the same room. 

Our ELEVATE model

covers the 6 areas workplace leaders

need to consider when shaping

high-performing work environments.

Establish an environment VISION

Evaluate space EFFICIENCY

Understand workplace EFFECTIVENESS

Define a unique EXPRESSION

Develop a culture of EMPOWERMENT

Plan the workplace EVOLUTION


We've packaged them

into a programme with workshops at the heart:


Establish your

environment VISION.

Co-create a vision of your ideal workplace and how it fits with your organisational goals. Inspirational tours and facilitated sessions to drive change, align objectives, and chart the journey ahead. 


Evaluate your

workplace EFFICIENCY

Gather information about the 'now' state, using both quantitive and qualitative methods to get a full picture. Synthesise the information to reveal early insights and opportunities for change. 


Understand workplace


Match the right tools and spaces with the work that adds value to the organisation. Map interaction, mobility, collaboration and find the right balance of 'we' and 'me' space. 


Define a unique EXPRESSION of the organisation, teams + individuals.

Translate organisational values into the workplace experience and co-define spaces that celebrate diverse perspectives.



through autonomy and choice. 

Integrate new ways of working that build engagement and self-reliance. Identify opportunities for participation, and programme experiences that inspire action. 


Plan the workplace EVOLUTION.

Prepare for change, make the right move, create a blueprint to guide your transformation to become the best environment for your people - now and in the future. 

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We've designed a Workplace Performance

test using our Elevate model.

Discover your workplace performance score to see how your organisation

is doing and benchmark your strengths and opportunities.

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