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Shape impact

We love partnering with forward-facing organisations to help them unlock existing and future space to shape culture and fuel their business.



"Kursty and I worked on an innovation project to bring a different kind of collaboration technology into an office building.  But only Kursty could make us realise that we actually wanted to bring a different kind of meeting into the office culture. Her grasp of the psychology between people and spaces is both intuitive and expert, which led to insights that facilitated - again with Kursty's help - early engagement with a number of interested companies."

Natalie Malevsky

Head of Product Insights, Digital Services


For example...

We have helped the UK government set up a successful network of innovation spaces and McLaren save £1.2m through rethinking their workplace strategy.

If you think that we can help your business realise the potential of your physical space or you are just interested in knowing more don't hesitate to get in touch!

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