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We work with our clients through consulting, coaching and co-creation; supported by strategic design, property and HR partnerships.


Shape was founded in 2011 by Kursty Groves to address the rising demand for the creation of work environments that support innovation and new ways of working.


Kursty has visited over 200 companies, understanding what makes them tick, how they use their environments to support business and culture, and investigating what works and what doesn't. 

"Kursty and I worked on an innovation project to bring a different kind of collaboration technology into an office building.  But only Kursty could make us realise that we actually wanted to bring a different kind of meeting into the office culture. Her grasp of the psychology between people and spaces is both intuitive and expert, which led to insights that facilitated - again with Kursty's help - early engagement with a number of interested companies."

Natalie Malevsky

Head of Product Insights, Digital Services


Shape impact

We love partnering with forward-facing organisations to help them unlock existing and future space to shape culture and fuel their business.

Clients include:

Google, LEGO FutureLab, Microsoft, Sky, Airbus, Centrica Energy, Coca-Cola, Ambassador Theatre Group, Bacardi Global Brands, Red Bull, P&G, Long Tall Sally, McLaren Automotive, MVF, OMD, Moo, Simply, Telefonica,

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